Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I HATE IBMs (Ignorant Black Muthafu**as)

When I was a younger man and watched the following infamous Chris Rock stand-up performance clip called "Black People vs. Niggaz" I laughed my pants off but was somewhat embarrassed. I felt at the time that Chris Rock went a little too far in his condemnation of "lower class" black people.

I still feel now as I did then that white folks can't tell the difference between a normal everyday working educated black person and a black scumbag, but as I have gotten older, Chris Rock's message is ringing truer than ever before in my ears. So before I continue, take a look at Chris Rock's performance:



You can't deny that this is brilliant, funny stuff. It still makes me a little uncomfortable, but that is the mark of great art -- its supposed to make you think and reflect on the world.

In any case, I have grown weary of the kind of black folks that Chris Rock was trashing that clip. I have made a pact with myself never to call another black person a "nigga, nigger, etc." so I coin the phrase IBM -- which stands for Ignorant Black Muthafukka.

I find that this definition fits because they are ignorant (without knowledge of the world or self), they are black (sadly), and they are muthafukkas (just like Bernie Mac used to say -- 50 points to you if you catch that reference).

I hate IBMs with a PASSION. I hate them like Hitler hated Jews. I hate them like the Coyote hated the Roadrunner. I hate them like Itchy hates Scratchy. I think you get the point.

My hate stems from the fact that I grew up with working class and middle class blacks who went to good schools, never went to jail, read books, supported the arts, saw good movies, loved baseball, loved walks in the park with their dogs and lived the most wonderful and fulfilling lives you could imagine. Yet, now, almost everywhere I go, I no longer see those kinds of black people.

Its like some alien force swooped down and took 75% of all the normal black people away and left us with the lowest common demoninator. And I can't stand them. Lord, I really can't stand them.

IBMs are loud, obnoxious, illogical, immature and possess the largest sense of entitlement this side of Long Island (another 50 points if you get that reference). Let me give you an example:

I work at this ghetto ass mall called Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Shopping Center in Los Angeles. Its a side job I have at GameStop just to make ends meet while I work at the college and write my screenplays. Anyway, GameStop is one of the shittiest companies in the universe so never work there if you can help it.

GameStop has a policy where if you buy a used game you have approximately SEVEN DAYS to return it for a full refund. After that, we can't take it back unless its as a "trade-in" which is roughly 70% less than what was originally paid. This one IBM walked into the store and wanted to return an awful game. Usually, we have no problem doing returns as long as you are within the seven day span.

This IBM had the receipt and the date was 05/18/09. Today is 06/16/09. By all calculations, he was way out of the grace period. So instead of realizing he is wrong and walking out of the store, this IBM opens with a rant:

IBM: "Y'all didn't say nuffin' about that when I bought it."

Me: "On the top of the receipt is the name of the person who sold it to you. XXXXXX is the manager, I am sure he mentioned the return policy to you. If not, its right here on the receipt."

I showed him where the policy was CLEARLY printed on the receipt -- but he didn't seem like the type who likes printed words.

IBM: "Naw man, this is bullshit. Y'all didn't say nuffin' about this. This is bullshit man. Y'all be sellin' fucked up games and shit and then won't take them back."

Me: "How long did you have the game before you realized that it didn't work?"

IBM: "My son didn't play it for a month because he was punished."


Me: "There's nothing I can do man."

Then this IBM proceeds to curse and become borderline threatening but what he didn't bargain for was the fact that I don't back down easily and its very hard to intimidate me so he eventually left after promising to "only shop at white stores from now on."

Note to readers: most IBMs are big talkers. They are used to people becoming intimidated by their bluster and bullcrap and try to get their way. The best thing to do is to continue to stick to your guns and they will walk away cursing and talking crap but no harm will come to you. This may not always be the case, but most often you'll be fine.

Getting back to the issue at hand, I am so tired of IBMs because they make the entire black race look like a bunch of uncultured street trash that complain endlessly about racism and don't do anything to contribute to society. IBMs have nothing of worth to say mainly because their brains are filled with pointless hedonistic, inarticulate new school hip-hop songs by Lil' Wayne.

See that image? That's how a lot of white folks and recent immigrants see African-Americans. Think about that for a long moment. Think deeply about that. If you have half a brain, you should be alarmed and nausiated.

How do you recognize an IBM? Here's my guide:

A) IBMs will be wearing basketball jerseys and baseball caps that are color coordinated yet aren't fans of either team. IBMs make it hard for a black guy to be a fan of a baseball team because everybody will think you're wearing the hat to be cool.

B) IBMs dress like they're 15 years old even at the age of 50. There is nothing more obscene than seeing a grown ass black man with grey hair twisted up into cornrows. Its beyond atrocious.

C) IBMs never speak in complete sentences.

D) IBMs don't value educational achievement, this is why you will see an IBM buy their child $200 sneakers but don't own a set of encyclopedias in their home. Worse, the only reading materials in most IBM homes is a video game strategy guide or directions to a probation office.

E) IBMs love blaming everybody else if something doesn't go right - teachers, police, their parents, the mafia, Sony, Microsoft, NASA (wait, most IBMs don't know what NASA is) -- everybody but themselves. If their kids can't read or write, its the teacher's fault. If they get busted for selling crack to pregnant women, its the police's fault for arresting them.

F) IBMs never have a concept of a larger world. Your typical IBM won't leave their neighborhood for any reason. Ever. You won't meet an IBM if you go to the following places: Barnes & Noble, arthouse movie theatres, the planetarium (in fact, any museum whatsoever except for the travelling sneaker show), baseball games (except for Yankee Stadium) or your local library. IBMs don't like culture unless they see it on BET (which isn't even owned by black people anymore) or some godawful black TV show produced by Tyler Perry.

G) IBMs stand outside of their apartments or tenements or whatever for no reason in the middle of the day. I haven't stood outside of my house for more than 5 minutes since I was 15 years old. I usually have somewhere to go. Its called an agenda. I had a conversation about selling drugs just to make money for video games and sneakers. I always felt that if you are going to become a hustler, then hustle for a purpose like the Irish Mob and the Italian Mafia did and like the Armenians and the Mexicans are now. Make the money, launder it, rinse, repeat. IBMs stand on the corner all day to buy depreciating assets and never move up from that level. They advertise to undercover police where the action is whether they know it or not.

What makes IBMs particularly frustrating is that there are normal black people who defend them or -- worse -- idolize them as representing some kind of authentic "blackness." As if the ebb and flow of our community was tied to irresponsible morons with no sense of history or purpose. And this has caused unfathomable levels of suffering.

Single, intelligent, attractive and upwardly mobile black women love to date IBMs and then get treated like trash. These black women then go onto hate ALL black men as if we are all IBMs. Don't think so? Check your average internet dating site these days and you will find hundreds of black women only wanting to date white men and they have profiles that say things like "need a man with a job, who has a college degree and is on my level. White guys only."

I wish I could round up all the IBMs on earth and launch them into the sun. I'm serious. It would solve SO many problems.

Even Bill Cosby agrees with me and few years ago when he told the truth, people flipped out and made it seem like Bill was crazy or elitist. What Bill was saying was that black people need to get their shit together immediately or else we are going to swirl down the drain. Folks didn't want to hear the truth and made it sound like he was wrong.

I will leave you with what he said and let you reach you own conclusions. Take care.



Ladies and gentlemen, these people set, they opened the doors, they gave us the right, and today, ladies and gentlemen, in our cities and public schools we have fifty percent drop out. In our own neighborhood, we have men in prison. No longer is a person embarrassed because they’re pregnant without a husband. No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child."

"50 percent drop out rate, I’m telling you, and people in jail, and women having children by five, six different men. Under what excuse, I want somebody to love me, and as soon as you have it, you forget to parent. Grandmother, mother, and great grandmother in the same room, raising children, and the child knows nothing about love or respect of any one of the three of them. All this child knows is “gimme, gimme, gimme.” These people want to buy the friendship of a child….and the child couldn’t care less. Those of us sitting out here who have gone on to some college or whatever we’ve done, we still fear our parents. And these people are not parenting. They’re buying things for the kid. $500 sneakers, for what? They won’t buy or spend $250 on Hooked on Phonics."

"Now look, I’m telling you. It’s not what they’re doing to us. It’s what we’re not doing. 50 percent drop out. Look, we’re raising our own ingrown immigrants. These people are fighting hard to be ignorant. There’s no English being spoken, and they’re walking and they’re angry. Oh God, they’re angry and they have pistols and they shoot and they do stupid things. And after they kill somebody, they don’t have a plan. Just murder somebody. Boom. Over what? A pizza? And then run to the poor cousin’s house."


Winterman said...

This is one of the best posts I've ever read, certainly on this subject. It' both funny as hell and deeply tragic.

Yeah, I prefer IBM too. I think I may adopt it.

Passing this on.

Anthony said...

While I agree with the overall sentiment expressed by Chris Rock and attempted by you... I can't help but notice that while I don't consider you a motherf**ker, you definitely displayed a great deal of ignorance yourself with this post.

Stereotyping anyone based on the way they dress, for starters, is generally a pretty hypocritical start to labeling THAT person ignorant. If you catch that reference I won't give you 50 points, but at least you'll catch the reference.

There's a huge problem in black america - sure - part of it is the ignorant attitudes of destitute (sp) black youth, lost black men and women, and poverty blah blah blah. Also part of the problem is the elitist division among uppity negroes like yourself that do little more than live comfortably off of a foundation of intelligent upbringing (due to no credit of your own) and fortunate circumstance (again due to no credit of your own).

It is no more embarassing to me, a 31 y/o black male, to see a young kid acting foolishly on a street corner with his pants around his knees - than it is to go online and see someone like you spewing foolish and hateful opinions about the very people that you should be using your fortunate circumstance to help uplift. You are worse than a racist. You give racists support for their argument. Afterall why should they give a damn about unfortunate, uneducated, impoverished black youth when able minded/bodied educated blacks are the FIRST to kick them while they're down and ridicule them for their lack of affection for all things apple pie. You give police justification for profiling, and you, with this post, have proven yourself to be Ignorant Black and Elitist.

I'm riding with the motherf*ckers on this one.

Peace, brother.

www.shadowlawonline.com said...

Anthony: First off, I did not grow up a rich neighborhood, I grew up in Baltimore during the crack years so I have seen some truly negative stuff during my time on Earth. The idea that you have to be an "elitist" to detest the ghetto mentality that fully infects our young people.

Also, I worked hard all my life and busted my ass with no familial assistance and put myself through college and grad school. I grew up and didn't get caught up in the bullshit and stand on a corner all day, so don't make assumptions about my background, character or motivations.

I taught high school in NYC public schools for 6 years and I STILL MENTOR many of my young black male students even after they have graduated and moved on in life. So you can save your self-righteous defense of ghetto foolishness for someone who truly doesn't understand the realities of our lives.

We have a crisis going on in the black community and so many folks are comfortable coddling and defending street hoods instead of propping up our young men and women who do the right thing in life.

There is an old saying in the black community that goes "the Lord helps those who help themselves." As of this time, I see a wide segment of our community running away from anything remotely related to responsibility and even with multiple programs at schools, community centers and job training centers you got folks who flat out refuse to do anything positive with their lives.

After a while, it gets very annoying and self-defeating. We are the only race on earth that loves to celebrate and idolize the worse aspects of our culture.

I DO believe grown black men should dress their age and not like teenagers. If you enjoy wearing baseball caps for teams you don't support, then go for it, but when people don't take you seriously because you're dressed like a teenager, don't be shocked.

I find it interesting that so many Black people will rush to defend street thugs while ignoring positive "elitist" Blacks who do the right thing.

Chris Rock was right to say "you get more love coming out of jail than graduating college."

But I guess you live in the fantasy land of Tyler Perry.

Anthony said...

Again - your hypocrisy bleeds all over the intelligence of your actual sentiment.

You've taught in NY public schools - so obviously you've dealt with a plethora of intelligent black youth that, according to your original post, should be automatically written off as IBM's simply because of their dress or misguided demeanor.

You've stated:

"My hate stems from the fact that I grew up with working class and middle class blacks who went to good schools, never went to jail, read books, supported the arts, saw good movies, loved baseball, loved walks in the park with their dogs and lived the most wonderful and fulfilling lives you could imagine."

But now all of a sudden you grew up around crack?

And - why instruct me not to assume (which I haven't - I've only based it on things you've divulged in this post (ie - the statement above) - when clearly you've made assumptions about me.

I don't defend thugs, I don't watch tyler perry shows or movies, and I definitely do not sympathize with chosen ignorance.

If, for the sake of your argument, you need to assert/assume these things to cast me in a light necessary for your comments to make sense then possibly you should rethink your argument.

My statement serves not to protect ignorance - but to call out you, and other elitists - for your OWN ignorance and hypocrisy.

The frustrations you, I and other blacks endure are real. I do not deny that, I do not pad that with sympathy. But, unlike you, I do not choose to vent my frustrations and call those that are the source of my frustration names. What's the point, I mean really?

Does it bother me when I get poor service when my server has dealt with poor tippers that resemble me? Sure. Does it irk me when I'm looked down upon by other races because the guy in line ahead of me is acting a fool? Sure. Does this give me the self righteous right to label him an ignorant black motherfucker and feel that it's legit for me to express that I wish he were dead (launching them into the sun anyone?).

When's the last time you expressed the same anger toward any other group of people that consistently pissed you off? Or - better yet - are black people the only group of people in your life that have consistently pissed you off? If so, then maybe that is what you should examine - in private even.

Furthermore - half of what you've expressed is purely bull. You rip someone for not reading the fine print. Really? You rip black women for being frustrated with black men... as if all women of every race haven't been trodden upon by all men of every race since the beginning of time.

I am not against your frustration. I am not for the ignorance either... any ignorance.

You want to change the world? Do something positive. Otherwise kill all the noise and realize that nothing positive EVER came out of spreading hate - EVER.

With that - I'm out.

Label me what you will. I'll label you what you already have yourself - a man that hates black people that don't act like he wishes they would.

How narcissistic is that?


www.shadowlawonline.com said...

ANTHONY: You apparently skim over what I say but that's cool because you seem to want to be offended by what I say instead of looking at my actual message.

For one, in Baltimore, working class, poor, and middle class blacks inhabit the same social space so it was entirely possible to see the effects of crack cocaine in my community effect all levels of the diverse black community I grew up with. So I don't have to explain that any further.

And I am very far away from being an elitist. Malcolm X and MLK jr both spoke extensively on the need for black men to behave like civilized individuals so that the power structure couldn't point to us and say "See, this is why those people don't deserve justice or equal protection under the law!"

I don't see the slightest bit of elitism in my words, I say grown men should act like men and dress accordingly.

I say black folks must value educational achievement because that is one of the core factors in our advancement.

You missed where I said that I STILL mentor young black men that I used to teach. And for every one of my students whom we tried to reach and worked hard to reach and made a difference, there were five who willingly chose to act like complete fools and disrespect their people.

You seem to be unwilling to concede that people have a personal choice and many choose the wrong path and make excuses why they did it.

You choose to ignore the fact that we tend to celebrate foolishness in our community to such a large extent that when anyone criticizes such foolishness, they are labeled "elitist." That's plain silly.

Do white people piss me off? Regularly. That's been the norm here for over 500 years. We need to not worry so much about white people anymore because WE are doing more damage to ourselves than all the KKK members ever had.

Who makes black women sleep with thugs and have their children and have to raise them alone?

Who makes young black men who have no reason to hustle stand on the corner just so that they can stand in line for hours to buy Jordans?

Who makes our young people drop out of high school in dangerously high numbers for no reason other than to appear "cool" by rejecting education?

Racism in the United States is like gravity. It is a universal constant. Talking about white racism is like complaining about the weather.

In the meantime, the black community needs to get their shit together immediately and the constant coddling and celebration of ghetto ignorance has to stop.

People often say, what are the solutions? We "elitists" should "reach back" and pull ourselves up. I have NO problem helping out other black people who WANT to move forward in life but you can't force anyone to want something in their life.

You have no idea what I have done to inspire, work with and share opportunities with other hardworking black people. You constantly talk as if I am sitting on top of a far off mountain with a bunch of money trashing other black folks.

The types of fools on the corners today would have been the kind that Harriet Tubman would have shot because they got in the way of our liberation as a people. And she did shoot or leave behind those folks who acted like anchors for our people.

Calling me stupid, immature names doesn't change the fact that we have a generation of young people raised by single mothers, or that we are proportionally at a higher risk for almost every health problem, or a higher risk to spend our lives in jail, or a higher risk to never reach college, or have a higher proportion of people who are technologically illiterate.

Did white folks cause much of this? Of course. Who will be responsible for fixing this? US!!!!!

Do other races have these problems? Yes.

Should we focus on that and use that as an excuse to continue acting ridiculous?

You are offended because I say people should behave a certain way. That's my right to believe that.

You disagree. Fine. But you have no reason to insult me unless you can't express yourself in any other way.

Anthony said...

IF you feel insulted by my labeling you what you've already stated you were, then maybe you should stop labeling yourself as such?

Or were you referring to the narcissist comment? I don't understand how it is stupid of me to suggest that someone that openly states that people that don't act how he feels people should act - would be better off dead.

I did not put these words in your mouth. I did not put these thoughts in your head. I did not exaggerate your language.

You clearly stated in your post the things which I have pointed out. There are, as far as I can remember (as I can't be bothered to re-read at this point) anything in my comments that go as far as concocting things about your position that you didn't state to begin with.

You clearly stated that you wish these people were dead. YOU clearly stated that you wish YOU could kill them - and then you went on to clearly state that YOU think the world would be better off without them.

The minimum offense for SOME of these deserving death? Not reading the fine print and being angry about corporate bull, dating men you don't approve of, and wearing clothes that YOU think makes them look foolish.

You then go on to accuse me of skimming when you're the one that is skimming. You suggest that I:

"You choose to ignore the fact that we tend to celebrate foolishness in our community to such a large extent that when anyone criticizes such foolishness, they are labeled "elitist." That's plain silly."

When, in reality, I clearly stated my disdain for the foolishness.

You also claimed that:

"You seem to be unwilling to concede that people have a personal choice and many choose the wrong path and make excuses why they did it."

When I clearly stated that I do not sympathize with chosen ignorance, and do not support ignorance of any sort.

It is clear that your debate skills are lacking - not because I need them to be for my point to ring true - but because, in plain english, you are making very little sense to anyone that can read and remember the things we've both stated.

And where did I call you stupid? Or is that just something else you're fabricating to drive your "point" home?

At the end of the day this is what you've put out there with all of your wisdom and intelligence:

ignorant black people (defined here in some instances as dressing against your taste or being angry about being duped by fine print) deserve death - and you wish it were at your hands.

End of story.

If you want to continue this further - email me and we can talk all day.

Otherwise peace.

Derrick said...

I'm 100% with you on this Shadow. I don't read any ignorance at all in your post, just a sense of frustration that many of us black Americans have to deal with when interacting with our own people. It's even more frustrating that when you try to separate yourself from the over abundance of ignorance (just to have a little peace)you are labeled as an elitist or sell out.

S said...

@ Anthony:
"I am not against your frustration. I am not for the ignorance either... any ignorance." Yet ":I'm riding with the
motherf*ckers on this one."

"I don't defend thugs, I don't watch tyler perry shows or movies, and I definitely do not sympathize with chosen ignorance."

These are obviously the types Shadowlaw's speaking of. Even though Tyler really does try to have a message and a too obvious
method to his madness. Is it being lost in buffoonery? well that's another topic.

"You want to change the world? Do something positive. Otherwise kill all the noise and realize that nothing positive EVER
came out of spreading hate - EVER."

I guess mentoring young black males even post high school doesn't count? Go figure.

"My statement"(and dare I interject to a lesser extent your life's mission) "serves not to protect ignorance - but to call
out you, and other elitists - for your OWN ignorance and hypocrisy."
"Also part of the problem is the elitist division among uppity Negroes like yourself that do little more than live
comfortably off of a foundation of intelligent upbringing (due to no credit of your own) and fortunate circumstance (again
due to no credit of your own)" (assuming and/or stereotyping on your part).
I think you're confusing aristocratic elite with educated (struggled to get there) honest hard working middle class people
and their offspring that are just tired of ignorance. Regular middle class persons can not be members of the real elite much
the way black people claim they can't be racist. The black elite is just as high up, if just a veeery slight bit more open
to newer people entering into their circle.

Are you Pluralist or Egalitarian? Guess the Status-quo is kept intact.

Shadowlaw just sounds frustrated (at least I hope that's all) and concerned at the same time. I think his concern has turned
into disdain because he feels that either his efforts aren't making a big enough impact and/or others aren't making enough
of an effort to usher in change for our racial better.

I think elitism and a bad attitude don't have to go hand in hand. An a**hole is an a**hole elitist or not.

You showing hate for what you consider an elitist doesn't help either.

S said...

Look I get where you're coming from Anthony but the bigger picture, if I'm reading Shadowlaw's post correctly, is that an
ongoing trend of CHOOSING ignorance over ,not just, intelligence but a code of conduct beneficial to not only the self but
to other citizens and the communities in which they inhabit is what is being propagated seemingly at astonishingly
disproportionate rates. The G-code is not the code that should be the natural choice for us, though these days I don't know.

The truth is the elitist and the rich do more for the poor than the poor do or can do for themselves. Sure there can be a
sense of community in struggling together but that is also what is self defeating for us at times. We make everything a
struggle or at least a part of The struggle. I think we have abandonment issues in the black community which is a large part
of the crux in our issues. We seek approval or retreat from it either way to the extreme. Anything balanced is too soft. We
call it being passionate but half the words we (humans) use we don't use in the proper context or form. The other thing is
there isn't much community (hood) approved varied positive ways to express our emotions. Confrontations are the worst. Once
again, that could apply to all people but as a black community I don't think we understand the precedent we have set ( with
the hood as the courtroom) and deny the responsibility we had in creating this baby or monster. I guess our fathers taught
us well(dig the deepness). We do not want to confront our lower selves (other ignorant blacks or any other but more so
ethnic folk), so we silently overlook it to the point of community endorsement of the behavior while keeping silent
disapproval. Obviously we influence others and to deny that on a large scale only shows our reluctance to change. The
biggest thing I think is the distrust and questioning we have at times. If Shadow you or I told someone who was making bad
decisions they should change their life the response may be " For what, for who, Why? Never "How"? or "Can you help me",
seriously. Then you have the all so rebellious response "Why? Cause the white man said so?" LOL that one gets me every time.
Sometimes we really see no point or don't want to see a point. We feel defeated so we act defeated or we rebel in
destructive ways then we redefine it as an alternative positive behavior. We also seem to not really support or give more
exposure to the kids who are working their butts off to make something legal and wonderful of themselves. If we have to wait
for each individual to come to this realization on their own time you may have a long wait.

S said...

The truth is we all live in, and have to deal with, this economy. Greed and bad government have led us all astray and we
have integrated their behavior and thought process into our own and say we're using it OUR way and defying "The Man" with
it when that's untrue. All we're doing is defeating ourselves. It's like we took this detour and have said this is how it
has to be. Oh well. The student has not yet surpassed the teacher. I (opinion) think the point of What Dr.MLK was saying was
that That's our high call in life. If the teacher taught corruption we should, with all our strengths, seek out and become
purity but how can we do what history has not done. I guess that's why we keep repeating it. It's not that the high road has
never been taken but that is has been traveled far less oft than the low.

Essentially you're doing the same thing that you accuse Shadow of doing. Accusing him of being a Negro elitist and a
hypocrite while covering yourself under the righteous (maybe) guise of "The Integrity Police". If he's elitist then I guess
definitely Chris Rock is. As he said he hates, want to separate from and could kill niggaz (drive-by from here to BK) in a
public setting, performance or not. See what we accept then all of a sudden we draw an arbitrary line when, I guess, when we
feel like " I can go in on this one"(sinister laugh). Write a letter to Bill Cosby and get him to read it then you might
we'll be doing something. What's your thought? Should we leave the ignorant folks alone because the real issue is the
government? Should we still storm the White House or does Obama still get some leeway? Or maybe it's the media, it's the
media. My solution is to become a hermit( yes I'm running away). I guess we need the needy so the givers will have something
to do but I'm impatient. Catch me in the jungle.

Wow I've written a small book.

CA3 said...

Meh... You read one blog, or news posting voicing outrage about the overwhelming growth of ignorance and idolization of criminal behavior in the black community, you really have read them all after some point. It's boring, but it at least serves as a point of venting for the individual who identifies that there is a problem.

At this point what I'd like to see are realistic and accessible options available to families who want to avoid this fate for their families. As a matter of fact, the next postings you make on this subject should be an advisory on how Black families reading this might go about actively preventing their children from joining the ranks of IBM's? Yes, it won't be easy, but complaints alone rarely solve a problem. It usually takes rolling up ones sleeves and engaging the problem, to bring it to some sort of resolution.

Anonymous said...

omg this is what I'm talking about.... I hate them too. I live in Philadelphia and there are so many of them... I hate when stupid niggas make my race look back

purplenurples123 said...

Me 2...I hate them too..IBMs My mom works at this place full of them and it gets soooo annoying at times -.-

Darvin L. Martin said...

Love this post. And your blog.

Jim Ward said...

For what it's worth I applaud all of you for reaching higher through legitimate debate. It took a while to read all this but It was worth it.

Tuna Sammich said...

If one is not in the interest of receiving help, then what can you do? You say "rolling up ones sleeves and engaging the problem" but no one would learn in that way. That would be like those who are educated covering for the IBM and solving their problems FOR them.

It's like problem solving. Consider this example: you have a complicated physics problem. You have the formulas and the answer, but you don't understand the concept in the least. Will you be successful trying to solve the problem? Maybe a lucky few, but most wouldn't be able to solve it at all.

What's my point? Well, you can help all the people you want, try to get your hands dirty for them, and give them solutions, but as long as they continue to think ignorantly and think "Why do I have to do this?", what will come of your work? You can't "fix" something that doesn't want to be "fixed". And therein lies the problem. The IBM Shadowlaw mentions DON'T want to be "fixed".

I don't know about you, but I don't have the patience and I'm not a good enough person to help someone extensively to make better decisions and life choices only to watch them continue to make the same mistakes because they either don't care or they don't see the point in choosing a more positive and uplifting lifestyle. If I had a dime for every time I heard "Why? Because the white man told me to?", I'd be a rich mofo.

Quite frankly, I'm tired of trying to help people who don't care. I'll exert my talents, energy, and time on someone grateful and willing thank you very much. Yes, I've given up. (Maybe that's the problem? Most of us have given up?) I'm too disillusioned to continue to want to feel despair and disdain every time my efforts are in vain.

I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and your article. I also feel disdain for the many lifestyles IBM have chosen to wield. I had one disagreement though. Please don't generalize black women as if we are ALL after them. The ones who date and seek IBMs are the female version of IBMs. Like attracts like. The stereotypical "white washed black girls" (sarcasm here people) and "Oreos" (also sarcasm) that I tend to drift toward have NO interest in IBMs whatsoever. No, we don't go searching for only white men (because the Lord knows that white men are not perfect either) but we want those who, well... AREN'T IBM.

What's your take on the "IBM" who actually get into college because their parents are somewhat big on education and force them to study at state schools? The type who blast music in the hallways or from their rooms in the wee hours of the morning for no reason, pick fights with and mock other black students who study seriously to earn a professional degree, take the least required amount of hours, all the easiest classes, have psych majors (URGH... No offense, psych majors), spend all their time in friends' rooms playing XBox, and/or always fucking girls in their rooms? I'd really like to read your rant on them! You should name it IBM Goes To College... Lord Have Mercy...