Monday, February 13, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!

Things have been insane lately but the news is this:

-I got hired last year to write for the new Warner Bros. reboot of THUNDERCATS.

-My book Shadowlaw has been released to an immediate nationwide sell-out.

-Here's two excellent reviews of Shadowlaw: the first is from the internationally renown geek news site AIN'T IT COOL NEWS, and the other is from a brand new comic book site called COMICBOOKED.COM.

-I've been hired to work on two new graphic novel properties, one of which is with Anthony Montgomery, star of Star Trek: Enterprise and VH1's Single Ladies.

-The Shadowlaw website is HERE!

-And the press release from Arcana Studios (along with links to other press and media I've had) is HERE!

Anyone interested in buying the book can go to their local comic book store and give them this order code
(SEP110748) or try or Barnes & Noble.

As always, I hope everyone reading this is shooting for their dreams!