Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MILES AWAY Graphic Novel officially on the way!

"In the latest issue of PREVIEWS MAGAZINE (Feb 2013) on page 241, there's a fantastic full-page ad for the MILES AWAY graphic novel! 

Created by STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE star Anthony Montgomery, and co-written by Me/Brandon Easton (THUNDERCATS (2011), TRANSFORMERS: RESCUE BOTS, Shadowlaw), MILES AWAY is an excellent story of a young superhero thrust into an interstellar war. From Antarctic Press, April 2013."

This graphic novel represents two-and-a-half-years of hard work and dedication. After meeting Anthony by chance at the end of the day back at San Diego Comic Con 2010, we became friends. Eventually, we discussed collaborating to transform his TV series bible/pitch into an actual graphic novel. After changing creative teams a couple of times, we managed to soldier through to the end and not only complete the book, but also find a legitimate and well-respected comics publisher to put Miles Away on the marketplace.

There are many good reasons for transforming a TV or film concept into a graphic novel. Primarily, it is to bypass the lazy development executives' assistants who tire of reading thousands of pages of bad scripts during the week. A graphic novel is a solid proof-of-concept that presents a clear visual narrative in a compact and easily understood format. Anthony's idea was excellent and I knew the moment I heard it that we could create something fun, inspirational and inventive. A new hero for an increasingly multicultural audience. 

Miles tells the story of Maxwell Miles, a typical awkward teen with the super ability of photographic reflexes: he can mimic any physical feat he watches. 

The catch? 

He has to wait five minutes for his power to kick in and he never knows when they will cut off. 

As he learns about his new powers, an alien force is on the way that will change everything he knows about himself, his family and a secret organization that has been watching him since birth. 

MILES AWAY is now available for pre-order from Antarctic Press or at your local comic book store

This is a great book, and I ain't just saying that because I co-wrote it.