Thursday, October 30, 2008

LOS ANGELES OBSERVATIONS... a.k.a. Beverly Hills Crop

Well, I did it.

I really did move from NYC to Los Angeles. I never thought I would, but by God I got out of a very comfortable existence on the East coast to come back to California to give my dreams a solid shot.

A dream of becoming a working Hollywood screenwriter. To those who don't understand why someone would want to do that, consider this: people don't read books, analyze scientific data for fun, or write extensive memoirs contemplating the nature of humanity in the universe.

No, they watch TV and movies. A lot of television and a whole lot of movies. If you want to control Americans, you control and create what they watch. By nature, humans are visually-oriented and often have trouble trying to connect invisible abstract terms and ideas. Therefore, you can get a person to believe ANYTHING they see if you show it to them enough times.

Regardless of what people might tell you, writers are the creative backbone of most popular entertainment. Without writers there would be no movies, TV, radio, music, video games, newspapers, or magazines. Not to mention how this would directly affect the worlds of business and law.

The beauty of being a writer is that you can transmit your own personal views on the world to the masses and hide it within an entertaining story. People are most susceptible to suggestion whenever they feel like being entertained. Trust me.

This is an incredible form of power. And to top it all off with a big, fat, sweet, juicy cherry, you get paid obscene amounts of money to do it.

And they claim that there is no justice in the world. heheheheheh

I never claimed to be the noblest guy on Earth.

There are major differences between Los Angeles and NYC. Of course that goes without saying, but it often feels like being on an entirely other planet. Or realistically, a whole other country. It is in times like these that you notice how big this country really is.

However, there are some striking differences that are worthy of noting:

a) Cynics: Everybody here in Los Angeles seems to think you're the biggest liar they ever met. It seems like there is very little faith or trust amongst people here. Perhaps the pursuit of money and power pervents the human soul to such a point where they lose a sense of what it feels like to be stepped on or oppressed?

Being a former history teacher means that you have to always be ready to back up your claims with direct historical evidence so that you appear to be an expert. I usually have my facts and back up ready whenever someone wishes to challenge my words as being contrived. Those who walk around assuming everyone else is a liar usually have little to share with the world anyway.

b) Tribalism: For a place that prides itself on its open-minded, laid back, non-conformist liberal attitudes, Los Angeles is one of the most racially segregated places I have seen outside of Boston, Massachusetts (and anyone who knows me knows how I feel about the people of Massachusetts).

In NYC, they have a Chinatown that surrounds Little Italy, and is bordered by the federal governmental buildings in lower Manhattan. In Los Angeles they have: Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Little Armenia (like, where the f@#k did all these Armenians come from? Is that country the size of India or something?), and Filipinotown.

The neighborhoods of Watts, Compton, Inglewood, and Long Beach should be called Africatown, and East LA should really be called Big Mexico.

Its understandable that people would want to live with their own kind, its been happening since the beginning of time. I just believe that its not a bad thing to learn about other cultures because you can learn more about yourself in the process. I know that sounds like a greeting card, but it also happens to be the truth.

c) Beautiful, but bizarre women: LA has some of the most beautiful women you will ever see in your lifetime. Some of them are as wacky as they are gorgeous though, and that makes it a lot less fun.

From observation, the women here are very distant and manipulative. They don't want you to get close to them, but they crave the attention anyway. Thats like some deep weirdo psychological vampirism that I couldn't even begin to analyze.

I listen to their conversations and they remind me of people who don't get out of the house much, they don't seem to KNOW anything. They have no spiritual depth nor sense of adventure or curiousity. To them, the United States of America is the drive from their apartment to the freeways, to work, and back home. And I guess you could throw in whatever lousy, sparkly dive they call a nightclub in there for good measure.

I am not talking about ALL the women of Los Angeles, just the ones who seem to stumble into your way because they are wearing high heels they saw on Sex and the City.

I am tired... I am going to do a part two to this real soon.