Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Every now and then, when I am stuck on the #2 train having to listen to loud and obnoxious Dominican teenagers screaming about sexual positions, my mind tends to drift to simpler times and quieter memories.

And other times I just have nonsense going through my head:

1) Do the people who work in adult bookstores judge people who shop there? Like really, who the $#% are they to judge anyone? They WORK at an adult bookstore.

2) Most people who grew up in NYC really need to get out of here ASAP. Having such a skewed perspective on life can make it easy for a person to lose sight of common sense and patience.

3) I am slowly coming to realize that the average person in America truly is a complete moron outside of whatever field they have narrowly encased themselves. People have zero knowledge of anything that isn't centered around foolishness. It's scary.

4) An addendum to #3, I saw "Buzz" Aldrin on the street near 13th and Broadway in Manhattan. For those who don't know, Aldrin was the SECOND HUMAN BEING to walk on the moon. EVER. For those who don't know... that is a MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY REGARDLESS OF RACE, CLASS, GENDER, CREED, ORIENTATION. ETC.

I was so shocked and excited to meet him that I was walking around on a cloud of happiness, which in NYC, immediately gets tainted with pollution. I went into a local store and said to the girl at the register, "Hey, you know, Buzz Aldrin is right outside!"

She looked at me like I just said, "I had sexual relations with a red donkey riding on the back of Barbara Streisand."

The girl said ,"who?"

"Buzz Aldrin"

Blank stare.

"The astronaut," I said.

Blank stare.

"The second person to ever walk on the moon," I said.

"Oh," she replied, "He was an astronaut?"

Several things happened in that situation: a) the girl was a motherf%#ing moron, b) the space program just doesn't matter anymore, c) history teachers suck ass these days (hey, I am a history teacher, I know how these people think), d) I get too excited about things that actually matter.

5) I am thinking I need to move to some state or country where the average citizen reads books and newspapers, knows what is happening in the world, votes regularly, and can name at least 5 American presidents. I can't beat the morons, but I absolutely refuse to join them.